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We combine data analytics, artificial intelligence and semantic knowledge-management

The Data Analytics Center (DANA) at Fraunhofer FOKUS offers research and innovative developments of AI-based processing and distributed analysis of large amounts of data (Big Data & Smart Data). With our comprehensive domain-expertise we create a “Full Service AI and Analytics” offer. With knowledge-based AI and smart analytics-as-a-service, we focus on the real-time processing of data streams and combine previously separate technologies from the fields of data analytics, artificial intelligence and semantic knowledge management. Through the semantic and AI-based processing of structured and unstructured data, we support our customers in drawing conclusions from existing data sets and improving decision-making and processes with AI support.

The core of our offer is the agile and thereby iterative cooperation with our customers. In the training lab we provide our customers with a fundamental understanding of big data analytics, AI, semantic knowledge technologies and semantic data intelligence and their potential use cases. In the innovation lab together with our customers we deal with their specific issues and thereby develop innovative ideas and concrete approaches to solutions. By our rapid prototyping executed analytics-as-a-service offers, we can acquire, consolidate, analyze and process data for the customers. Optionally we offer to accompany our customers during the actual usage of the implemented solution. Via iterative feedback-analyses and evaluations, we identify possibilities for optimization in our test lab.

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Our range of services

  • Execution of joint workshops and preparation of studies
  • Training in the implementation of Big Data and analytics methods, tools as well as best practice solutions
  • Implementation of demonstrators and prototypes, amongst other things for feasibility and acceptance analyses
  • Implementation and rapid prototyping via analytics-as-a-service for efficient troubleshooting
  • Development of application-specific algorithms and/or their customization
  • Sustainable support through evaluation, optimization, adaptation and expansion of our services


Data & Knowledge Engineering


  • Structured and Unstructured Big Data
  • Semantic Knowledge Engineering
  • Real-time Data Processing
  • Smart Data

Data Connection


  • Linked Data and Semantic Web Knowledge
  • Semantic Enrichment
  • Semantic Integration
  • Data Policies (Security, Sovereignty, QoS, Norms)

AI and Data Science


  • Robust and Secure Machine Learning
  • Smart Data Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, Neuro-symbolic AI, Semantic AI, Quantum AI
  • Edge Intelligence, Federated ML

Intermediary Added Value Services


  • Corporate Smart Content, Corporate Smart Insights
  • Pragmatic Cognitive Intelligence
  • Decision Support, Q&A, Knowledge Discovery

Linked Data Analytics Ecosystem (Design Recommendations)


  • Technical Reference Architectures and Best Practices
  • Governance and Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Models

Standardized Analytics Reference Platform & Rapid Prototyping of Domain Applications 


  • Platform for Standardized Data Analytics Reference Solutions
  • Implementation of PoCs and Demos
  • Validation and Evaluation in Test Lab