Matthias Heyde / Fraunhofer FOKUS

Engineering a connected world

In the near future everything can or will be connected to the internet: buildings, automobiles, trains, factories in fact even animals and plants. This continuous and extensive networking will fundamentally change the communication and interaction in all areas of life and work, be it in the healthcare system, the control of traffic, movement of goods or in production. Fraunhofer FOKUS as a neutral research organization develops solutions for the “Digitale Vernetzung", with the requirement to make the networked world safe, reliable, scalable and trustworthy.

Fraunhofer FOKUS offers its solutions in seven business units: Three of the seven units address the horizontal issues of digital networking: networks, system quality and visualization. Four of the seven business units are vertically positioned and focus on the design of digital networking in the respective branches: media, general public, mobility and security. 

Thereby FOKUS acts as a supplier and technology independent agent between industry, science and the public administration, that can combine long standing scientific expertise and experience from various branches to optimal solutions for its customers. The researchers concentrate not only on the technical infrastructure but furthermore develop practical concepts, prototypes and applications in a pre-competitive environment. At the center of the research activities lies the development of cross-domain and cross–organizational solutions that are both interoperable and user-centric.

With 416 employees FOKUS is one of the largest Fraunhofer institutes. With more than 25 years of experience, FOKUS is one of the most important actors in the ICT research landscape both nationally and worldwide. Market-oriented solutions are being distributed by a total of 11 spin-offs.