FOKUS in Motion

A large selection of our videos and animations can be found on our Youtube channel. 

Getting 6G ready: An Interview with Prof. Dr. Thomas Magedanz

5G campus network of Fraunhofer FOKUS

Showcasing a Multi-vendor test environment

Man or Machine: Who's the better Driver?

DW Shift visits Fraunhofer FOKUS

Portable 5G Network at Festival of Lights 2019 in Berlin

10th Fuseco Forum 2019 at Fraunhofer FOKUS

A quick look back to last year's FOKUS Fuseco Forum

3rd Industrial IoT Forum 2019 Impressions

A short insight into last year's IIoT Forum

3rd Edge Computing Forum 2019 Impressions

A quick recap of the 3rd Edge Computing Forum and a selection of its speakers contemplating Edge Computing

SAFARI Project: Digital Testbed on Berlin streets

In this video we showcase how the highly detailed datamap can display the way to an open parking space for your car within the city.

Industrial robotic control via local 5G networks

Watch the demonstration of an industrial robot controlled via a local wireless 5G network running our Open5GCore.

Smart Streets Garage Demonstrator

Watch how wireless communication technologies enable the garage of the future.

ÖFIT Conference 2017: Keynote Prof. Karen Yeung

Regulation and social ordering through algorithmic decision-making. A critical examination.

Barrier-free indoor navigation for the smartphone

With precise directions, blind and visually impaired persons can be navigated within public buildings. (English subtitles)

Collaborative TEAM applications for the future of mobility

The TEAM project developed eleven collaborative applications which turn static into elastic mobility.