Matthias Heyde/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

Highest standards of safety, functionality and robustness

The business unit Quality Engineering (SQC) advises its clients on the use of static software analysis methods in the quality assurance process. A key focus of our work is on the development of application-oriented procedures which ensure that customer software satisfies the highest of aspirations regarding security, functionality and robustness. The background of our research is the knowledge that for applications with very high security requirements, testing alone does not offer a cost effective solution. The areas of application for the solutions which we develop are to be found in the fields of both attack security and operational safety. The SQC researchers recommend formal verification methods for applications which are highly security and safety critical.

In this context, mathematically sound methods are used to prove that the software corresponds with its specifications and/or that no runtime errors can occur. SQC advises companies in the deriving of formal specifications and in the use of tools for an extensively automated verification process.

The business unit Quality Engineering can also draw on wide ranging experience in system design, testing and in software and hardware architecture.