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Improve the development process of software intensive systems

The business unit Quality Engineering (SQC) supports its customers with creating software-intensive systems by improving both single development steps and the entire development process. For this purpose, scientists are using model-driven software development techniques to e.g. create codes and test cases directly from models that will make the information relevant to a company's development process available and usable. The results for the customers are an efficiency boost and a reduction of the development costs. In this way, the customers gain leeway to focus on their companies' innovation potential. The scientists rely on integrating existing tools with their own innovative tools in the customer-specific development processes, as well as improving the collaboration between all participating developers. They are also offering methods and tools for requirements management, traceability, model transformation as well as for the generation of codes and documentation, which can play a crucial role, particularly in the context of a possible certification.

Furthermore, SQC has extensive experience with regard to testing, verification, system design and soft-and hardware architectures.

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