Tools for Quality Assurance

Methodological and conceptual work at SQC generally goes along with technological realizations. Therefore, scientists at SQC develop both single tools and complete development and test environments. Open source software developed out of SQC technologies provides medium- to long-term perspectives for the operative business.

Software solutions for various surfaces

To support advanced user interfaces and assisting systems, Fraunhofer FOKUS' researchers are developing real-time-capable algorithms for visualization, tracking, data fusion and interaction. Besides allowing the output of razor-sharp, brilliant, high-resolution images, those also supply the necessary intelligence for the analysis and fusion of data from imaging sensors.

Our technologies are used in projection systems in more than 100 installations worldwide - flight simulators, planetariums, surround cinema and theme parks, for calibration and playout.

Our medical-related research focuses on enhancing medical visualization with additional information, on positioning and motion tracking in minimally-invasive surgery assistance systems, on developing medical simulators needed for the development of the surgical devices of the future, and on the creation of the new standards for the real-time capable operation room network.

Our Partners

This is a selection of companies that use our projection technology components in their installations: