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Find failures in the development process faster and reduce development costs

Testing is one of the most important means for the system quality assurance. The early application of tailored techniques for test design and test execution helps in detecting failures early and in keeping engineering costs at a minimal level. The scientists at the business unit Quality Engineering (SQC) have more than 20 years of experience in the field of testing techniques. Their work focuses on model-based automation of test execution and test design as well as the improvement of the test management. They apply model-based activities for development and testing together with methods like, e.g., for product line engineering or for security testing for the common criteria certification. The overall goal is the optimization of development processes and the improvement of the system quality. For trying and improving these techniques, the scientists at SQC develop advanced prototypes and test beds. They are also involved in several standardization committees. For instance, in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) they are involved in the development of the test design and implementation language TTCN-3 and the MBT standard. In order to increase the support for test modeling using the Unified Modeling Language (UML), they initiated and organized the standardization of the UML testing profile. For our clients and partners, the scientists at SQC offer support for the introduction of advanced testing techniques and their integration in existing development processes. Furthermore, they run trainings and workshops about the experiences with and development of testing techniques and tools.

The business unit Quality Engineering can also draw on wide ranging experience in system design, verification and in software and hardware architecture.


  • Model-based Testing (MBT)
  • Security und Risk-based Testing
  • Evolutionary Testing
  • Testing of Product Lines
  • Cloud Testing
  • Test Automation using TTCN-3

Test Beds

  • V2X Test bed
  • IPv6 Test bed
  • eHealth Test bed
  • SPL Test bench