Entwicklung Kritischer Systeme
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Engineering and quality assurance for safety-critical software

Whether in traffic, cloud services, or infrastructures - complex systems in critical application areas must be robust, reliable, and trustworthy to ensure central social processes' smooth functioning. To this end, the Quality Engineering business unit of Fraunhofer FOKUS designs, develops and tests software architectures and applications specifically for critical application areas. With its long-standing experience in the design, quality assurance, standardization, and certification of software systems, it can optimally support its customers.

An optimum balance between cost-effectiveness and benefit is achieved due to the methods used.

We focus on defining architectures, communication infrastructures, exchange formats and processes for the automotive industry, and the definition of security architectures, the systematic execution of risk analyses, and risk-based security tests in and for critical infrastructures. We use various methods and tools for efficient, model-based development and accompany our customers throughout the entire development process. In addition, we have years of experience in standardization, especially in AUTOSAR and at ETSI, and knowledge and experience in implementing functional safety standards and best practices in various application domains. If required, we support our customers in the certification process. With our projects, we operate in the area between industry-oriented research and industrial application.