Common Learning Middleware 2.0

Sep. 01, 2020 to Aug. 31, 2021

Fraunhofer FOKUS is collaborating with the Fraunhofer Academy and two other Fraunhofer institutes (IOSB, FIT) on the further development of a common technical solution that unites all teaching and learning technologies within and also outside the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft. The Minimum Viable Product of the Common Learning Middleware (CLM) developed in the previous project phase 1 enables the use of initial uniform interfaces and exchange formats while maintaining existing formats and tools.

Phase 2 of the development now focuses on the further development of the CLM to include key functions required for operation and utilization and the subsequent large-scale deployment, in particular to create synergies within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

The specific goals can be summarized in topic blocks, which are implemented in the project through distinct - but coordinated - work packages:
  • The extension of the core functionalities of the middleware
    • The management of activity data, e.g., learning records, of the students based on the xAPI specification
    • The scalable management of content, courses and access rights (Content & Course Management)
  • Addressing data protection and data security
  • The Fraunhofer-internal use of CLM for the productive use of Fraunhofer Academy courses
  • The further development of CLM as a product for external partners, incl. customizability (branding) of the overarching learning portal (called EPHESOS) as a whitelabel solution and the implementation of multi-client capabilities
  • The integration and demonstration of Artificial Intelligence to process and analyze activity data via learning analytics for educators and media creators, and via a learning recommendation system for students, as well as content search to improve the discoverability of educational content across the learning infrastructure.
  • Integrating and demonstrating blockchain technology for person certificates via Blockchain4Education and for content creator and provider verification.  

Project Details

Duration: September 2020 - August 2021

Funded by: Fraunhofer Strategy Fund

Partners: Fraunhofer Academy, FIT, IOSB

External service provider of the Academy: Ziemann.IT   

Common Learning Middleware
Common Learning Middleware (CLM) Fraunhofer FOKUS

What is CLM? (German)