Fraunhofer FOKUS

Our Solutions

The challenge in converging environments is to bring interoperability to a range of heterogeneous approaches, technologies, and architectures. The FOKUS Business Unit Future Applications and Media (FAME) has the right kind of expertise to forge the missing links. FAME invites all interested players to benefit from our research work and results.


We deliver prototype component implementations related to Media, Web, IPTV and converged technology based on your requirements.

Instantiation of customized Media Clients, Application Server and Service Platforms

We equip your organization with a full test environment to allow you run your own cross fertilization and future media scenarios.

Demo development & Proof-of-concept implementations

We develop demonstrations of such as Triple Play scenarios, interactive TV, Mobile Web Applications and more.
We show that your ideas have the potential to become a success. Please have a look at it on FAMELab and projects in industry and academia we gathered considerable experience in terms of project management and long term project contributions.

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