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Matthias Heyde/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

IT Security, Information Security and Data Protection

A  topic of many of our applications have in common is the issue of information and data security, which are critical for the sensitive areas of public safety and health. Especially due to the increased data traffic within companies and institutions, but also between different actors, a rapidly increasing risk of security breaches has to be noted, especially as the use of (mobile) technology and IOT on the one hand and the measures for prevention and training of employees on the other hand do not keep pace with the changing security situation. New regulations and laws with sometimes significant consequences for finances and reputation, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are also putting users of critical IT under a great deal of pressure.

Solutions for securing public safety, health, and critical infrastructure stakeholders against IT security risks and cyberattacks, as well as protecting sensitive data, are therefore a central component of the research and support services provided by the business unit ESPRI.

Research & Development

  • Data protection, esp. according to GDPR and 95/46/EG
  • Privacy by design concepts
  • Technical IT security concepts
  • Organizational IT security
  • Identity and rights management