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ESPRI, Mitarbeiter, Ulrich Meissen
Prof. Dr. rer. nat Ulrich Meissen
Business Unit ESPRI
+49 30 3463-7571
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Technique, Organizations, Processes and People

Collaborative safety solutions are not only a question of technology. Thus, organizations and target groups must be involved, procedures and processes must be designed beforehand and anticipate the citizens' mindset and action. Accordingly the FOKUS Business Unit for Electronic Safety and Security Solutions for the Public and Industries (ESPRI) follows an holistic approach towards safety solutions and offers technological developments as well as additional fields of work.

The project teams develop technologies and methodologies for early hazard identification and warnings in the public and private domain as well as their connection to established safety solutions, e.g. in control centers. This way the essentials for national and international safety projects are being developed. The overall goal is to provide solutions that are beneficial to the citizens and can be implemented fast.

The safety lab demonstrates and evaluates collaborative safety solutions from the citizen's point of view, in cooperation with well-known industry partners. Here, outside the competitive environment, the networking of complementary solutions is tested and discussed from various perspectives - organizational, technical, and legal. Under the heading “Schaufenster Sicherheitsforschung” (Showcase Safety Research) results of national safety research projetcs are being presented on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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