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Ulrich Meissen
Prof. Dr. rer. nat Ulrich Meissen
Business Unit ESPRI
+49 30 3463-7571
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Technologies for Collaborative Safety and Health

Hazard prevention, rescue services and the healthcare system are doing an excellent job in Germany. But unexpected crisis situations or large-scale hazards, such as industrial accidents, terrorist attacks or even a pandemic, reveal the importance of collaborative, coordinated and, above all, rapid interaction between institutions and with the public.

However, many public and private organizations are technically and organizationally too isolated to implement the necessary data exchange effectively and cost-efficiently and provide people with the commodity “safety and health” sufficiently in crisis situations. In addition, the changing age structure of our society and new lifestyles of people require new forms of inclusion and participation, which – also technically – are often not sufficiently taken into account. The consequences are not only impairments to life and limb, but also a loss of confidence in state care as a whole.

In order to adequately meet these challenges of the technological societies of the 21st century, a rethinking towards networked solutions that involve all actors – including the affected people themselves – is required. The business unit ESPRI develops the necessary concepts, approaches and technologies for this purpose.

Our services and expertise

  • Development of holistic information systems
  • Conception, architecture and realization of
  • warning systems and telemedical solutions,
  • location-based and semantic services
  • Solutions for IT security and data protection
  • Feasibility, requirements and economic analyses including everything from functional specifications to operational concepts
  • Political, technological and strategic consulting and training