Contact Person
Jürgen Großmann
Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Großmann
Project Manager
Business Unit SQC
Tel.: +49 30 3463-7390

Jürgen Großmann is Senior Scientist and Project Manager at the Business Unit SQC


As a member of the Competence Center "System Quality Center" (SQC) he is involved / responsible for validation, verification and testing projects on next generation networks and software technologies for embedded systems. Jürgen Großmann is an expert on model-based development, model driven testing as well as in security engineering and security testing. Furthermore Jürgen Großmann has experiences in testing and modeling automotive software systems and applications, especially ITS systems. He has extensive experience in developing test benches and test laboratories for conformance and interoperability testing in this area. Jürgen Großmann has experiences in numerous standardization activities for various standardization bodies, including OMG, ETSI, ASAM and AUTOSAR. He is technical expert for test specification in ETSI working groups, rapporteur for the ETSI MTS Security SIG and involved in technical discussion in the C2CCC. He builds the bridge to the developers of the advanced V2X test beds and playgrounds at FOKUS as well as to the security engineers working for the BSI, ETSI etc.

Jürgen Großmann received his degree as a computer scientist at the University of Applied Science in Berlin. Before he has joined the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS, he was a researcher at the DaimlerChrysler AG (Department of Research and Technology - Software, Methods and Tools) and worked as a software developer and testing expert at the VW subsidiary Carmeq in Berlin. From 2002-2004 Jürgen Großmann has been involved in many national and international research projects and contributes to national and international conferences contributions. His research interests include the development of methods, tools and tool infrastructure for model-based development, model-based testing, and security engineering and testing.

  • Nov 07 – Present: Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems in Berlin (FOKUS), Berlin, project manager and researcher with main focus on model based testing and model based development.
  • Mar 07 - Sep 07: Carmeq GmbH, Business Team Model Based Development, Berlin, Software Developer, expert for model based testing and the testing of electronic control units (ECUs) in the automotive domain.
  • Mar 05 - Feb 07: DaimlerChrysler AG, REI/SM (Department of Research and Technology - Software, Methods and Tools), Berlin, Postgraduate with main focus on tool integration and testing.
  • Oct 02 - Feb 05: University of Applied Science Berlin, Software Engineering Research Group (Prof. Dr. F.M. Reisin), Berlin, Scientific assistant with main focus on model based development and model driven architectures.


  • Test automation and model-based testing 
  • Test methods for embedded systems
  • Security Engeneering & Security Testing
  • Risk management and analysis


Current Projects:

  • PREVENT - Preventive crisis and risk management for banking data centers
  • RASEN – Compositional Risk Assessment and Security Testing of Networked Systems

Previous Projects

  • AUTOSAR Secure Onboard Communication
  • DIAMONDS - Development and Industrial Application of Multi-Domain Security Testing Technologies
  • TEMEA - Testing Specification Technologies and Methodology for Embedded Real Time Systems in the Automobile
  • simTD – Safe and Intelligent Mobility, Test Field Germany
  • DRIVE C2X – Connecting vehicles for safe and comfortable and green driving on European roads
  • ModelPlex – MODELling solution for comPLEX software systems

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