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Sep. 01, 2008 to June 30, 2013

The project simTD proves Car-to-X Communication and their applications in a field test, using 400 vehicles of all major german vehicle manufacturers.

With the help of Car-to-X Communication – the electronic cross-linking of vehicles and infrastructure – infrastructure operators (e.g. traffic management centres), individual vehicles and a lot of further stakeholders have access to new, high resolution information in real time. Using this information, a broad spectrum of applications, especially for traffic safety and efficiency applications will be developed in simTD. Furthermore, premium services will be integrated in the vehicle.

simTD has been planned for four years, starting in 2008. Fraunhofer FOKUS takes the lead in developing a test system, which will be used to validate both developments and applications of simTD. Test will be performed under laboratory conditions, in a closed test area and in public traffic as a field test. Therefore, the testsystem takes a central role in simTD.

The developments and works in this context are manifold. Fraunhofer FOKUS developed a methodology to define and test requirements for hard- and software components to develop tools, to define tests in a distinct and machine-readable form. This holds for tests under laboratory conditions on the testbed, which was developed for simTD as well as tests, which will be performed and evaluated in the field. Furthermore, the test-specific infrastructure contains tools for resource-planning of vehicles and drivers, the monitoring and control of the tests and the distributed recording of measurement data. For evaluation purpose, the tool support the central organisation and storage of all collected data.