Digital Dome Kuppelkino
Fraunhofer FOKUS

Automatic calibration for camera clusters

Camera clusters are systems composed of multiple cameras recording simultaneously, used for capturing very high resolution and surround-type content. The main problem with the camera clusters is compositing – stitching and blending the multiple video streams into a single perfect image, without visible seams. This explains the lack of real content for domes and other surround screens; most content is now computer-generated.

Fraunhofer FOKUS' patent-pending technology offers automatic calibration for arbitrary camera clusters, able to cope with lens geometric distortion, position and orientations and produces the needed warping and blending data. These can be used for both live streaming and for post-production. Most competing systems do not offer live capabilities, in contrast to Fraunhofer FOKUS' system that can thus be used for augmented reality and tele-presence (for example for experiencing at home the complete immersion in the concert hall using VR glasses and live streams).