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Andreas Hoffmann
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Dipl.-Inform. Andreas Hoffmann
Business Unit SQC
+49 30 3463-7392
Dipl.-Inf. Friedrich Schön
Business Unit SQC
+49 30 3463-7453

Assuring system quality throughout the entire development process

The business unit Quality Engineering (SQC) supports its customers with quality assurance during the whole development process. The goal is to develop trust-worthy and secure systems. Therefore, SQC offers support in the following fields:

Optimization of Development Processes

To create a more efficient development process, scientists of SQC analyze both the development process as a whole and single development steps. Thus, existing as well as innovative tools can be integrated in the development process and collaboration between all participating developers can be improved.

System Architectures

SQC supports its customers using modern methods and high performance development tools to carry out complex system developments efficiently, reliably and in compliance with standards. The business unit Quality Engineering has many years of experience in the realization of complex, high performance computer systems.

System Design

When designing control systems, high requirements are imposed on the development and design process. SQC supports its clients to meet these requirements. Therefore, scientists draw on their professional knowledge of standards of functional safety, quality assurance, verification management and domain specific languages.


For our clients and partners, the scientists at SQC offer support for the introduction of advanced testing techniques and their integration in existing development processes. Furthermore, they run trainings and workshops on the experiences with and development of testing techniques and tools.


The business unit Quality Engineering advises its clients on the use of static software analysis methods in the quality assurance process. A key focus of our work is on the development of application-oriented procedures which ensure that customer software satisfies the highest of aspirations regarding security, functionality and robustness. SQC advises companies on the deriving of formal specifications and on the use of tools for an extensively automated verification process.

Further, SQC disposes of a comprehensive consulting and training program.

Visual Computing and Analytics

We offer the following technologies and services in the field of visual computing and analytics:

  • Development of image processing and graphic algorithms with real-time capability
  • Systems architecture for image processing and rendering systems
  • Development of visualization and assistance systems
  • Real-time visual analytics

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Consulting & Training

We offer tutorials on current topics and impart knowledge of new and practice-oriented technologies

New technologies and tools are entering the market permanently. To be a step ahead guarantees your future success. Therefore, it is essential to command detailed knowledge of these technologies concerning their assets, drawbacks and market and integration opportunities.

Model Driven Engineering

  • Unified Modeling Language UML
  • Model-based system development (MDA, MOF, QVT)
  • Domain Specific Languages (DSL)
  • Papyrus/Topcased
  • Service design technologies (SOA, SOAML)

Model Based Testing

  • UML Testing Profile (UTP)
  • Testing and Test Control Notation (TTCN-3)
  • Conformance and interoperability testing
  • Performance, load and scalability testing
  • Model-based test development (MDA, U2TP, TTCN-3)
  • Integrated system and test development (MDA, UML, U2TP)
  • System development processes
  • HL7/IHE testing
  • Model-based fuzzing
  • iSQI Certification as a Model-based Tester

Open Data

  • Key Ideas, Key Technologies, Success Stories
  • CKAN Deployment, Configuration, Customization, API
  • Liferay Plugin Development, Build Infrastructure, CKAN Integration
  • Open Data Platform Development, Deployment
  • VM infrastructure, Prototype Hosting


  • Common Criteria
  • Standardization
  • Certified Professional for IoT (CPIoT)