CSCC Konferenz von OASC

FOKUS scientist at OASC conference    

News from Feb. 07, 2020

Fraunhofer FOKUS scientist Nikolay Tcholtchev held a presentation at this year’s “Connected Smart Cities & Communities” (CSCC) conferenced, which is organized by the “Open & Agile Smart Cities” network, on the institute’s research results regarding smart cities, urban platforms, data and communication infrastructures. The CSCC was held on January 23, 2020, in Brussels and focused on the sustainable scaling of urban, digital solutions. Participants are representatives from society, business, and science.

With his talk “Eco-Systems for Smart Cities based on Open Urban Platforms”, Nikolay Tcholtchev gave an overview of the results of the research on the topic of ICT reference architectures. The main focus lay on DIN SPEC 91357, the reference architecture model “Open Urban Platforms” (OUP). The aim of OUP was to create a common framework for the German market in the field of Smart Cities. In the meantime, OUP was further developed into oupPLUS by Fraunhofer FOKUS. The introduction of Service Access Points was a key step in guaranteeing interoperability. oupPLUS, on the one hand, allows for the systematic analysis of existing Smart City architectures, and the creation of dynamic Smart City eco-systems, where demands of a variety of stakeholders can be coordinated and considered, on the other hand.

With DIN SPEC 91367, the adaptation of OUP to urban mobility, Nikolay Tcholtchev additionally presented an approach for the collection of mobility data, which subsequently can be processed in real-time. Furthermore, the new DIN SPEC 91397 was announced, in which a guideline for the implementation of a neighborhood management is supposed to be created.

In the context of the talk, the necessity of structured quality assurance mechanisms for ICT components and modules for urban spaces was stressed. Aspects such as conformity to standards, interoperability, and cybersecurity must be checked systematically, in order to ensure an appropriate level of reliability and resilience for Smart Cities ICT infrastructures. 

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