Quantum Technology Professional

Jan. 01, 2022 to Dec. 31, 2022

In the future, quantum computers may help to enable complex calculations in significantly less time than "classical" computers can. As a result, they are theoretically capable of cracking encryption, simulating the human brain more comprehensively, helping to optimize traffic forecasts, or accelerating the development of batteries or new materials in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The considerable interest of many companies in this new technology contrasts with a high demand for information and an incomplete understanding of the advantages quantum computing offers in various application areas and how it is changing software development, for example.

In the project Quantum Technology Professional, a modular, application-oriented and continuously expandable continuing education program for the topics of quantum computing and quantum technologies will be created. In the process, we are developing individual learning paths that are suitable for different industries and professional profiles. In particular, these scientifically demanding topics are to be addressed in a user-oriented manner to ensure the competitiveness of German industry and, in general, Germany's technological sovereignty.

The two training courses to be developed as part of the project are explicitly aimed at software engineers, data scientists, and technology scouts. After the project, they will be offered by the Fraunhofer Academy.

In addition to Fraunhofer FOKUS, the following partners are involved in the Quantum Technology Professional project: