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Anke Illing

Yury Glikman re-elected to the OW2 Directors Board

News from Mar. 06, 2023

Dr Yury Glikman, Deputy Head of Business Unit Digital Public Services and Head of the Open Service Engineering expert group at Fraunhofer FOKUS, was re-elected to the OW2 Directors Board as a company representative on 3 March 2023. The non-profit European open source organisation unites software developers from all over the world who develop industry-ready open source middleware, business applications and cloud computing platforms and distribute them to everyone. With over 2000 members, OW2 is one of the most important open source communities in the world.

“Open source is the key to higher software quality, security and also fairness. I am very pleased about the trust placed in me and that I can continue to help shape the future of OW2,” said Glikman on his re-election. “In recent years, OW2 has achieved a great deal for the progress of the open source community - both in terms of software development and the networking of stakeholders. We want to continue on this course.”

Glikman has been a member of the OW2 Board of Directors since 2016. As an expert in cloud computing and open source, he has been actively involved in numerous international and national research projects for over 20 years, sometimes in a coordinating role - currently including the Horizon 2020 projects DataVaults, XMANAI and Urbanite. His current research interests focus on the development of innovative services for the public sector with an emphasis on data integration, management and analysis.