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Fraunhofer FOKUS

TPEG Development Kit and Testbed

While conventional navigation systems are limited to getting the user quickly from point A to point B, the next generation of digital helpers will deliver complete and current information, provide reliable forecasts of traffic development and offer additional technologies such as seamless navigation. This is made possible by the TPEG coding standard (Transport Protocol Experts Group). Fraunhofer FOKUS is offering a TPEG client kit for the reception and utilization of coded TPEG messages.

The kit facilitates management of TPEG messages with little memory requirements and makes them available to subsequent applications. The software package is especially well suited for mobile devices or embedded systems with limited resources (low cost/ low energy). 
Fraunhofer FOKUS supports clients from the automotive, telematics, logistics, and broadcasting domains with the development and implementation of TPEG applications and provides a TPEG testbed integrating DAB+.