Benefit from our expertise and developments

FOKUS has worked in the domain of Automotive IT and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for over a decade. During that time, the group of ASCT has gained a broad range of experience while working together with partners such as Automotive manufacturers, tier-one suppliers, public authorities, traffic management centers etc.

ASCT has insights into current trends and is able to assess potentials of new developments and technology in the domain of ITS. We help partners and customers with technological consultant services and to connect and collaborate with relevant industrial and research partners in joint research activities.

We make a point of developing sustainable soft- and hardware solutions that are constantly updated, maintained and improved. Some of them are integrated into our product portfolio and we invite partners and customers to make use of our validated tools and components: the simulation environment VSimRTI, the web-based test and evaluation framework ITEF, the security demon etc.

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