asct, emobility
Matthias Heyde/ Fraunhofer FOKUS

Connected and automated mobility

Modern information technology and software development is one of the key enablers for innovative products in the automotive industry. Today, experts estimate that up to 90 percent of automotive innovations are driven by electronics and software. Examples are the Electronic Stability Program ESP or active distance control.

The trend of decoupling software from hardware has already reached the automotive industry. That provides new freedom for relevant software developers and great potential for new software-based products. That includes applications within the car or applications distributed over several vehicles in a vehicular network. New business models based on vehicular communications (car-to-car, car-to-infrastructure, Web, Backend-Services, Consumer Electronics) are currently evolving and build the central topics of work and research of the business unit. Te team pursues an integrated approach, that includes a realistic simulation environment of C2X-based (car-to-car or car-to-infrastructure communication) applications and the integration of innovative infotainment products into our fleet of research vehicles. Our model car test bed completes the approach, where we implement and test cooperative driving scenarios.
Based on the infrastructure and expertise gained over the last years at Fraunhofer FOKUS, we develop innovative services and applications, that covers infotainment solutions you could experience in our vehicles, as well as C2X-based applications improving traffic safety and traffic flow. Basis to such solutions are interoperable and standard conform systems, considering flexibility and scalability. The business unit identifies security as a cross sectoral and central topic. Secure identities, identity management, privacy and trust are the main aspects covered by the team.
Joint projects with academic institutes - particularly with the Technische Universität Berlin - grant early adaptation to technological trends and partnership with young talents.