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Ilja Radusch
Dr.-Ing. Ilja Radusch
Business Unit ASCT
+49 30 3463-7474

Fleetnet – Internet on the Road

Ad-hoc Radio Network for Inter-Vehicle Communications

The FleetNet Project

  •  Platform for inter-vehicle communication
  •  Internet integration
  •  Application demonstrator and testbed
  •  Introduction strategies and standardization
Application Domains
  • Cooperative Driver Assistance
  • Decentralized Floating Car Data
  • User Communication and Information
Key Features
  • Wireless multi-hop ad-hoc networking with position-based addressing
  • Very low data transmission delay for mission-critical applications
  • Advanced radio communications exploiting unlicensed frequency bands
  • Vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-fixed communication
  • Internet access and Internet integration via fixed roadside stations
  • Open solutions
  • Standard UTRA-TDD with PHY & MAC ad-hoc extensions
  • IEEE 802.11 used for Demonstration
  • Position-based addressing and routing
  • QoS support by means of resource reservation
  • Internet integration by MobileIPv6-based proxy communication