Semantic platform for intelligent decision-making and deployment support in control centers and in situation management

June 01, 2021 to May 31, 2024


During crises and disasters, a large amount of situation information is collected, processed and used. The goal of the overall SPELL project is to be able to initiate measures for danger prevention, emergency aid and care for the population more quickly and in line with the situation using artificial intelligence. To this end, a semantic IT platform for control centers and situation centers that integrates all these data sources in a data-protection-compliant and access-controlled manner, provides intelligent systems for decision-making and deployment support based on this data, and ensures the integration of the population through mobile applications (such as smartphones) is being developed. These applications will be implemented and tested for different situations. Standardization and openness of the new IT platform should ultimately create access for all providers and users of systems and services, based on a sustainable business and operating model.

Fraunhofer FOKUS

In order for control centers and situation centers to maintain an overview despite the increasing amount of information due to more and more available data sources such as cameras or sensor data, Fraunhofer FOKUS is developing a semantic and intelligent dashboard. It will not only display information, but also enable collaboration and interaction with other stakeholders (politics, citizens, emergency forces on site) and integrate volunteers into the crisis management in a targeted manner. To this end, Fraunhofer FOKUS is also drawing on its experience with systems such as KATWARN and KATRETTER to optimize warning messages to the population and further develop the involvement of volunteers in crisis situations. In addition, situational awareness data from the SPELL platform is processed and visualized using artificial intelligence (AI) methods and agent-based approaches. Finally, for emergency communication with help-seekers, established technology for chat, voice and video communication will be complemented with new methods for automated text and speech analysis and image analysis. This enables an automated classification of the emergency situation, which in turn provides decision-relevant parameters for the SPELL platform.


Led by the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence GmbH (DFKI), the project, which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, comprises a total of 12 partners (3 research partners and 9 industry/application partners).