Publications 2005

Fraunhofer publication list
Blum, Niklas; Magedanz, Thomas:
Push-to-multimedia as a platform enabler for NGN services
(European Wireless Conference (EW) <11, 2005, Nicosia>)
In: Informationstechnische Gesellschaft -ITG-: Next generation wireless and mobile communications and services. Proceedings. CD-ROM: European Wireless 2005 - 11th European Wireless Conference 2005. Nicosia, Cyprus, April, 10 - 13, 2005. Berlin: VDE Verlag, 2005, pp. 315-321
Sher, Muhammad; Magedanz, Thomas:
Secure service provisioning framework (SSPF) for IP multimedia systems and next generation mobile networks
(International Workshop in Wireless Security Technologies (IWWST) <3, 2005, London>)
In: 3rd international Workshop in Wireless Security Technologies, IWWST 2005. Proceedings: 4-5 April 2005, London, UK. London: University of Westminster Press, 2005, pp. 107-112
Rey, José; Lozano, David; Herborn, Stephen; Ahmed, Kamal; Schmid, Stefan; Hartung, Frank; Kampmann, Markus; Kleis, Michael:
SMART: A media service delivery architecture for ambient networks
(Mobile and Wireless Communications Summit <14, 2005, Dresden>)
In: Information Society Technologies -IST-: 14th IST Mobile & Wireless Communications Summit. Proceedings. CD-ROM: Dresden, Germany, 19 - 23 June 2005. Dresden, 2005, 6 pp.