Publications 2004

Fraunhofer publication list
Karlich, Sascha; Zahariadis, Theodore; Zervos, Nikos; Nikolaou, Nikos; Jennings, Brendan; Kollias, Vangelis; Magedanz, Thomas:
A self-adaptive service provisioning framework for 3G+/4G mobile applications
In: IEEE wireless communications, Vol.11 (2004), No.5, pp.48-56
Magedanz, Thomas; Witaszek, Dorota; Knüttel, Karsten:
Service delivery platform options for next generation networks, approved within the national German 3G beyond testbed
(Southern African Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference (SATNAC) <2004, Stellenbosch>)
In: Browne, David (Editor): Southern African Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference 2004. Proceedings CD-ROM: Spier Wine Estate, Western Cape, South Africa, 6 - 8 September 2004. Stellenbosch, 2004, 6 pp.
Schulze, Bruno; Nandkumar, Radha; Magedanz, Thomas:
Special Issue: Middleware for Grid Computing. Editorial
In: Concurrency and computation, Vol.16 (2004), No.5, pp.399-400