Quality Engineering

Topics for Bachelor or Master theses:

Analysis and testing

Methodology of model-based testing (MTB, UTB)
  • Test automation (TTCN-3)
  • Optimization and automation of development and test processes
  • Risk-oriented testing (CORAS)
  • Test suites for different network protocols as well as application/service layer protocols (IPv4/v6,CoAP, 6LoWPAN, HTTP(s), SOAP, etc.)
  • Static analysis of software-based systems (OCL, QVT)

Development and processes

  • Security assessment of software-based systems (Common Criteria, Security Testing, Fuzz Testing)
  • Complex systems (CVL)
  • Model-based development platforms for embedded systems (RTP)
  • Modelling and static analysis of software-based systems
  • Optimization and automation of development and test processes (ModelBus)
  • Requirements Engineering (BE)
  • Distributed Simulation (ML/SL)


  • Smart Cities and Open Urban Platforms: Reference architectures and modelling/testing ontologies (RDF, N3, OWL, Jena, Virtuoso, etc.)
  • Data platforms (CKAN, XML, JSON, DCAT, Hadoop, Real-Time Datastreaming), data quality and trustworthiness
  • Blockchain applications in Smart Cities - Data Provenance and Data Quality, Blockchain in Energy, Blockchain Applications for Network Protocols (e.g. DNSSEC), Solidity, web3.js, Whisper, Hyperledger
  • Development of web interfaces (HTML, CSS, AJAX, Node.js, etc.)
  • Interface modeling (CORBA, IDL, ASN.1, etc.)
  • Car2X/ITS Testing (Automotive Testbed)
  • IHE/HL7 Testing (eHealth Testbed)