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Theses at FOKUS

The business unit “Collaborative Safety, Security and Health” offers students of computer science and related subjects the execution and supervision of final theses (Bachelor and Master). The focus of some theses is on research and conception in the subject area and are suitable for non-computer scientists in particular. Other theses require programming, meaning that experience in computer science or software development is a precondition.

We will be happy to provide details on the final theses by e-mail or in a conversation.

Collaborative Safety and Health

Topics for Bachelor or Master theses:

  • “Automated search for information on catastrophic events and warning messages” (design and implementation)
  • “Conception and development of user stories in the area of IT security awareness for a mobile lab for IT security” (empiricism, requirements analysis, conception)
  • “Conception and prototypical implementation of a partial application for the identification of endangered locations in crisis and disaster situations” (conception and implementation)
  • “Conception, basic design and prototypical implementation of AR-based demonstrators for raising awareness of IT security threats” (conception, implementation)
  • “Conception, basic design and prototypical implementation of a dashboard for visualization of IT security threat situations in comparison with the actual IT security status of investigated organizations” (conception and implementation)
  • “Conception of a community education and reward system as well as a requirements catalog for IT security providers in the context of an application-oriented cybersecurity research project” (empiricism, analysis, conception)
  • “Conception of a mobile application for the communication with citizens in case of a power failure” (conception)
  • “Conception of a multifactor authentication for security-critical applications” (conception and implementation)
  • “Configuration engine for a privacy-protected and generic data transfer platform” (conception and implementation)
  • “Conception of an intelligent decision support system for crisis situations” (conception)
  • “Design of a classification and weighting model with respect to a criteria model for IT security in government environments and NGOs” (research and conception)
  • “Development of a criteria model for IT security in the public sector environment (public sector organizations and NGOs)” (research and conception)
  • “Energy efficient CI/CD pipelines” (research and implementation)“
  • “Location-based chatbot for disaster events” (conception and implementation)
  • “Location detection by sensors and the population” (conception and implementation)
  • “Prototype implementation of a blockchain for information verification in crisis and disaster situations” (conception and implementation)
  • “Requirement analysis for a semantic aggregation, classification, metadata-enriched management tool for situationally-responsive offerings in IT security” (research and conception)
  • “Requirement analysis for the integration of risk layers in a dashboard for analysis in crisis and disaster situations” (research and analysis)
  • “Set-up of a database and simulation system of warning resources and their distribution” (conception and implementation)
  • “Simulation of communication resources in a blackout case” (conception and implementation)
  • “Survey of behavior after alerts with crowd sensing methods” (design and implementation)