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Theses at FOKUS

The business unit “Collaborative Safety, Security and Health” offers students of computer science and related subjects the execution and supervision of final theses (Bachelor and Master). The focus of some theses is on research and conception in the subject area and are suitable for non-computer scientists in particular. Other theses require programming, meaning that experience in computer science or software development is a precondition.

We will be happy to provide details on the final theses by e-mail or in a conversation.

Collaborative Safety and Health

Topics for Bachelor or Master theses:

  • "DataMesh for a simulation platform to promote societal resilience" (research, design, development)
  • "Playful learning – Implementation of an educational game to promote awareness regarding cyber security threats" (Bachelor only, conception, implementation)
  • "Conception and research of content for the learning offer "Modern and secure software development"" (research, conception, didactics)
  • "Conception and development of a tool for the creation of situational questionnaires" (conception, implementation)
  • "(Deep) reinforcement learning applications on agent-based systems with focus on human behavior" (research, conception)
  • "Energy efficient CI/CD pipelines" (research, implementation)
  • "Post-alarm behavior survey using crowdsensing methods" (design, implementation)
  • "Creation of a criteria model for IT security in public environments (public sector organizations and NGOs)" (research, conceptual design)
  • "Design of a mobile application for communication with citizens during power outages" (conceptual design)
  • "Location-based chatbot on disaster events" (conception, implementation)
  • "Requirements analysis for a semantic aggregation, classification, and metadata-enriched management tool for situational reactive offerings in IT security" (research, conception)
  • "Creation of a classification and weighting model with regard to a criteria model for IT security in government environments and NGOs" (research, conception)
  • "Configuration engine for a privacy-preserving and generic data transfer platform" (conception, implementation)
  • "Conception of an intelligent decision support system for crisis situations" (conceptual design)
  • "Simulation of communication resources in the event of a blackout" (conception, implementation)