Fraunhofer FOKUS

multithek – the first Hybrid TV platform via DVB-T

More coverage with television and internet programmes on one platform

About the multithek

  1. Reception of content via DVB-T and the Internet
  2. TV portal with numerous apps: media libraries, news, sports, shopping, music, weather, etc.
  3. Additional TV programmes via IP streams, listed in the EPG

Benefits for content providers

  1. Quick and affordable entry into the pioneering market of hybrid TV
  2. Reaching new target groups
  3. New business models linking television and online services


  1. HbbTV compliant
  2. DVB-T/-S/-C compliant

HbbTV Portal multithek

HbbTV-based Portal

  1. Autostart Application via DVB-S and DVBT
  2. Access to external Catch-Up-TV, VoD and Web services
  3. Personalization of the Portal (e.g. Backgrounds)
  4. Recommendation Engine for EPG Programs
  5. Responsive Second Screen Applications
  6. Content Management System
  7. User Tracking & Analyses
  8. Standard-compliant: OIPF, HbbTV, CAE, DVB, W3C

IP-Based Live Streams