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June 11–12, 2024 – Fraunhofer FOKUS
6G Next Banner: 6G Native extensions for XR technologies
Deutsche Telekom

6G NeXt

6G Native Extensions for XR Technologies

  • Conducts research on infrastructure to identify the requirements of a future 6G network
  • Develops a high-performance backbone layer with ultra-fast software stacks and intelligent media processing
  • Integrates dynamic distribution of complex computing tasks using split computing and headless rendering
  • Enables interactive end-to-end transmission of real-time 3D immersive video
  • Supports a novel anti-collision system for aviation
  • Investigates user experience relation to QoS parameters
  • Tests the developed use cases on a real airfield

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ARD: German DVB-I Pilot meets 5G Broadcast 
AI generated

German DVB-I Pilot meets 5G Broadcast 

DVB-I service discovery enables seamless integration of 5G Broadcast popup channels 

  • 5G Broadcast transmissions featuring live content from European Football Championship and Olympics 2024 from Berlin-Scholzplatz broadcast tower
  • Addition of 5G Broadcast service instances to the German DVB-I Pilot service list
  • Prioritization of 5G Broadcast instances, those instances can be selected by broadcast capable receivers, but will be ignored by regular TV sets or phones
  • The DVB-I client receives other regular service via unicast

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Schaubild: Transparent Cross-Region Failover Workflow

Media Services from AWS Elemental  

Transport, process, and deliver live and on-demand video 

  • INDUSTRY LEADING VIDEO QUALITY: Reduce distribution costs & deliver high-quality video with constant codec improvements and features
  • UNMATCHED SCALE: Maintain consistent content delivery as customers add outputs or grow their audiences with services that scale as needed
  • ARCHITECTED FOR RESILIENCY: Automated monitoring, fail-over, & recovery available across regions, with services that have resiliency built in
  • MAXIMIZE MONETIZATION: Make the most of revenue opportunities with personalized ad insertion & assembled linear channels.

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Banner: All your streaming needs under one roof

G&L Systemhaus

Searching for a reliable and sustainable solution? We got you covered

G&L Systemhaus enables broadcasters, OTT providers and network operators to easily deliver audio and video content – live & on-demand, on-prem, in the cloud & hybrid.

  • Time-tested, multivendor, comprehensive, and scalable solutions
  • Committed to low-latency streaming
    • Members of SRT Alliance
  • Committed to content provenance and authenticity
    • Members of C2PA
  • Committed to sustainability 
    • Associated Partner: Fraunhofer’s Green Streaming project
    • Member of Greening of Streaming
  • Trusted by: DW, Goethe-Institut, KIKA, Landeshauptstadt Potsdam, SWR, Telekom

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Schaubild Nanocosmos: nanoStream Cloud for Live Events

Global real-time video streaming

It simply works

Stay ahead with future-proof ultra-low latency live streaming. For interactive use cases: Town Halls, Corporate Events, iGaming, Auctions.

Integrate: Quick market entry, easy maintenance, full control.

Deliver: Ultra-Low Latency Live Streaming with Global CDN, Adaptive Bitrate / Transcoding, 24/7 Operation and Support.

Secure: Protect content with playback tokens, ingest webhooks, IP and referral blocking. Stay GDPR compliant.

Analyze: Insights for QoE, QoS, driving business growth.

Whether it's WebRTC, ULL HLS, Media Over QUIC, or H5Live, we'll manage it seamlessly.

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Verschiedene Abspielgeräte, die die Oberfläche einer Streamingplattform zeigen

OTT Solutions in the AWS Cloud 

One-stop shop for all your streaming needs 

ORS Group together with Insys Video Technologies enables customers to kickstart or expand their online streaming business. We operate globally with companies in sectors such as media & entertainment, telecom, public institutions, event companies, sports and education. Our product portfolio includes end-to-end white-label streaming platforms, content protection services and video processing and delivery tools. We also offer professional services, from deploying an on-site live streaming setup to migrating video workflows to the cloud.

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Dashboard: wireframes overview

Targeted Ads in Video Streaming helps publishers to drive content monetization User Interface with Analytics Insights

  • The open Ad-Insertion platform is fully compatible with existing streaming environments by collaborating with leading vendors of the MediaTech ecosystem
  • Insert ads dynamically into OTT, CTV, and HbbTV, allowing a buffer-less transition between content and ads in streaming and broadcast environments
  • Increase usage with better ad-viewing completion and higher return on ad-revenues due to precise targeting
  • Cloud native, privacy compliant, highly scalable

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Schaubild: Common Learning Middleware
Fraunhofer FOKUS

AI-assisted Education Technologies 

Transforming Learning through AI-Powered Solutions 

  • The Common Learning Middleware enables interoperable education ecosystems: Advanced data orchestration and seamless integration of learning content
  • Learning Recommender Systems: Competency-based course guidance and customized educational advice
  • Revolutionary Interface Design: Engaging educational experiences with intelligent content annotation.
  • Learning Analytics Utilization: Adaptive learning paths and tailored content leveraging xAPI technology.

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Schaubild: Large Language Models - AI Assistants (in the Metaverse)
Fraunhofer FOKUS

FAMIUM Large Language Model Activities 

Connecting Large Language Model (LLMs) to Unstructured and Multimodal Data 

  • Building LLM-powered and dialog-based applications
  • Implementing systems based on Open Source LLMs for on-premise deployment
  • Generating structured outputs from unstructured data with Guided Generation
  • Annotating unstructured data with LLMs
  • Embeddings-based Semantic Search
  • Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) with content from different modalities like text, image, video and audio
  • Context-based Question Generation with LLM-Agents
  • Recommending content based on Semantic Similarity
  • Creating verifiable statements supported by external sources

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Schaubild: Komponenten DASH-ABR
  Fraunhofer FOKUS

FAMIUM ABR Testbed & dash.js 

Automated ABR testing for DASH and HLS media players  

  • Testbed for evaluation of adaptive bitrate behavior in DASH and HLS players
  • Different bandwidth trajectories are applied in automated test runs
  • Streaming and Session Analytics via FAMIUM SAND 
  • Essential testing and debugging tool for media player development (used for dash.js v.5)

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Screenshot FAMIUM SAND Tool
  Fraunhofer FOKUS

FAMIUM Streaming Analytics & Content Steering 

Standards: CMCD/CMSD, SAND, Content Steering 

  • Streaming analytics using CMCD and SAND
  • Subjective quality estimation using ErrQo€
  • Seamless Multi-CDN Switching using Content Steering for DASH and HLS
  • Server-side client control with CMSD

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Schaubild: FAMIUM MoQ
  Fraunhofer FOKUS

FAMIUM MoQ (Media over QUIC) 

End-to-End Streaming using QUIC, HTTP/3 and WebTransport 

  • Lower live latency compared to WebRTC, LL-DASH/HLS
  • Leveraging server push for lower start up times
  • Improved server-side throughput estimation for ABR algorithms
  • Integration with Unity for Metaverse and Cloud Gaming use cases
  • Evaluation of MoQ projects

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  Fraunhofer FOKUS

CTA WAVE Media Streaming Test Suites

Validate and test media content against different profiles on various devices 

  • Test suites for the CTA WAVE Web Media API Snapshot specification (WMAS) and Device Playback Capabilities
  • Verifies device behavior against requirements for hardware capabilities
  • Test Runner Optimized for automated test runs on streaming devices and TVs
  • Annotated test content (Mezzanine) enabling seamless analysis via Observation Framework
  • Test Material Validation at HbbTV plugfests and at Fraunhofer TV Lab

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This image has no alt text.
  Microsoft Copilot

Green Streaming

Energy-efficient and sustainable video technologies

  • FAMIUM GreenView dynamically adjusts streaming content presentation for energy-saving playback
  • GreenView player library for HbbTV, ExoPlayer and cTV
  • Green Streaming Measurement Framework enables automated testing and energy measurements
  • integration of energy consumption data and streaming metrics through the FOKUS FAMIUM Stream Analytics and ABR-Testbed solution
  • supports CSRD Scope 3 Reporting for streaming services

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Schaubild: 5GMAG Reference Tools and 5G Media Testbed
  Fraunhofer FOKUS

5G Media

Playground for your Media Services powered by 5G-MAG Reference Tools

  • 5G-MAG Reference Tools: Developer Community Open for the Industry and Academia 
  • Open Software Toolbox for Connected Media Applications, ready to uptake 5G-Advanced and 6G 
  • Driving effective collaboration between media applications and mobile networks. Managing QoS and consumption reporting in the 5G network for enhanced content delivery 
  • Hybrid services with 5G Media Streaming and 5G Broadcast for OTT apps and DVB-I services 
  • Playground for testing and evaluating Edge-Assisted Media Applications operated within a 5G Environment.

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Sketch of a production line explaining the process of the Content Authenticity and Provenance solution by Fraunhofer FOKUS
  Fraunhofer FOKUS

FAMIUM Provenance and Authenticity 

Authentication and Provenance of Digital and Physical Assets 

  • Content, product, and brand protection using innovative fingerprint and watermark protection mechanisms
  • C2PA support to track the origin and editing history of digital content to counter misinformation and disinformation
  • Authenticate and verify provenance of products and contents through verification App

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Metaverse Stockphoto
  iStock/ Thinkhubstudio

Metaverse Testbed 

Playground for your metaverse experiences 

  • Compatible with popular 3D graphics engines: Unity, Unreal Engine, and Omniverse
  • The integrated FAMIUM Metaverse framework facilitates the rendering and streaming of computationally intensive 3D applications across any device
  • Offers support for real-time streaming via WebRTC and QUIC protocols
  • Can be deployed on-premise, at the edge, or in the cloud
  • Integrates DVB-I XR Streaming functionality powered by WebXR
  • Features an automated pipeline for NeRF and 3D Gaussian Splatting content generation
  • Provides precise Motion-to-Photon measurements and streaming analytics through FAMIUM SAND

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