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FAMIUM GreenView

Energy-efficient and sustainable video streaming

FAMIUM GreenView, a green streaming solution developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS, enables a more energy-efficient streaming on SmartTVs. Our client-side solution dynamically adjusts the presentation of streaming content for energy-saving playback without modifying the original content.

At its core, FAMIUM GreenView consists of a library seamlessly integrated into the streaming service's application, along with a backend component providing optimal settings for an individual streaming session. Leveraging context parameters such as content, device, and display type, the FAMIUM Green View AI model delivers individually tailored configurations to optimize streaming session for energy-efficient playback.

The FAMIUM GreenView AI model is trained using datasets derived from our green streaming energy measurements using the FAMIUM Green Streaming Measurement Framework as well as streaming metrics collected through FAMIUM Stream Analytics.

Solution Description

Currently available for Android-based Smart-TVs through Exoplayer and HbbTV, FAMIUM GreenView extends its benefits beyond just OTT and media library content, enabling energy-savings even for traditional linear broadcast TV. With FAMIUM Green View, users can enjoy their favorite content while reducing energy consumption.

In an series of lab tests, we measured and analysed the energy consumption of smart TVs during streaming using a FAMIUM GreenView enhanced HbbTV application. The following two figures illustrate the respective power consumptions of an OLED TV for two different 60-second contents, where gradual modifications were applied via FAMIUM GreenView. The test contents included a nature scenery clip, as well as a sequence from a typical football (soccer) match.

Our measurements have shown, that FAMIUM GreenView saved up to 20 percent of energy on SmartTVs to playback the reference clips.

Interested in applying FAMIUM GreenView to your streaming services, to save energy and enable a more sustainable content consumption? Get in touch with us today.