The order of the security market

Sep. 01, 2016 to Aug. 31, 2019

The goal of the project “The Order of the Security Market” (OSiMa) is to analyze forms of the good “security” and how they are (can or should be) organized and financed. Special emphasis is placed on the question of what contribution the private security industry can make from a regulatory perspective, within which framework new services and organizational forms of “protection and security” can emerge and how technological factors as well as trends and innovations affect (future) market development.

Within the OSiMa project, Fraunhofer FOKUS deals with two areas: (1) The investigation of technological aspects of the security market on the basis of criteria models, trend considerations and partnership models with regard to their effects on the public and private provision of protection and security and (2) the establishment of a scientifically sound basis for a web-based open information platform that gives security companies an overview of innovative research and development activities and thus supports them in the development of service products and market strategies.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) supports OSiMa within the scope of the topic “Civil Security - New Economic Aspects” from the program “Research for Civil Security 2012-2017”. The Brandenburg Institute for Society and Security (BIGS) acts as consortium leader. In addition to the Fraunhofer FOKUS, the consortium consists of the three university partners Europa Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), Friedrich Schiller University Jena (FSU Jena) and University of Potsdam as well as the German Federal Association of Security Companies (BDSW).