ELITE: Mobile experience spaces for IT security

Apr. 01, 2021 to Mar. 31, 2024

Task and problem

IT security is a complex web of attack vectors, countermeasures, defense technologies and awareness measures. Even experienced IT administrators are sometimes overwhelmed in the face of an immensely agile, constantly changing security and disturbing news situation on dangerous computer system attacks and ever new malware. In this difficult subject matter, this presents IT managers in small and medium-sized companies with major challenges. The ELITE project is designed to create places of experience to experience IT security through mobile IT security pop-up labs.

Approach and technical implementation

ELITE pursues the goal of making complex attacks and defense technologies of IT security tangible and experienceable for broad target groups. An immersive environment in the form of an exhibit construction kit, the so-called IT-Sec.PopUp-Lab, is to be created to give visitors a concrete impression of IT security risks. The IT-Sec.PopUp-Labs are intended to provide a look behind the scenes to enable the respective test persons to recognize dangers in the future and to see through the tricks of those who want to attack us, compromise us, blackmail us or steal our company knowledge.

The mobile exhibition concept with integrated demonstrators enables visitors to experience and understand IT security risks and countermeasures. The project team works closely together with the consulting tools of the project “Transfer point IT security in medium-sized businesses” (TISiM) and with the goal to present expert knowledge in a simple and understandable way at an immersive experience location with exhibits and diverse explanation modules.

Fraunhofer FOKUS is significantly involved in the development of the platform and the demonstrators with its two business units Digital Public Services (DPS) and Networked Security (ESPRI). The work focuses in particular on the conception, design and realization of the immersive IT-Sec.PopUp-Labs, the conception and implementation of demonstrators, as well as the creation of matching storylines.

The overall project management is in the hands of Fraunhofer IAO, further project partners besides Fraunhofer FOKUS are the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt and the University of Hamburg. ECO, the Association of the Internet Industry, is an associated partner. ELITE is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy within the scope of field of action 2 of the announcement “IT Security in the Economy”.