The cloud computing software framework for privacy and data security 

Cloudless is a JavaScript based technology-platform. As a software framework Cloudless is addressing typical cloud computing trends and challenges. The framework enables privacy assured administration and complete offline operation of software-as-a-service solutions. Thus Cloudless solves challenges in information security, data protection and privacy, resilience and performance of IT solutions as well as for mobile use cases. At the same time Cloudless facilitates the development of web applications by delivering basic functions like user- and identity management or database integration out of the box.

 The Cloudless technology has advantages for various industries, but is particularly relevant to the professional secrecy segment. Here, Cloudless technological innovations solve the problem, that software-as-a-service can currently not be used in legally compliant way for professional secrecy keepers like doctors, lawyers, etc.. With Cloudless, a new, safe and right-to-the-generation generation of SaaS specialist applications is emerging for professions under professional secrecy regulation.

The Cloudless technology will be offered in 2017 via a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS.