Gaia-X ecosystem for a sovereign, self-determined usage of data

Jan. 01, 2022 to Dec. 17, 2024

Task and problem definition

In order to create a secure, sovereign data infrastructure in Europe for the state, the citizens as well as for companies and institutions, data silos and lacking standards have to be overcome and transparency has to be established. The project “Possible: Phoenix open software stack for interoperable engagement in dataspaces”, one of 11 research projects supported by the German Federal Network Agency over three years in the Gaia-X funding competition, is contributing to this endeavor. Within the framework of Gaia-X, representatives from industry, science and the public sector are developing a proposal for shaping the next generation of a federated European data infrastructure with the support of politicians and the involvement of other European partners. The goal is to create a secure and connected data infrastructure that meets the highest standards of digital sovereignty and promotes innovation. In an open and transparent digital ecosystem, data and services are to be made accessible, composed and shared in a trustworthy manner.

Solution approach and technical implementation

Within the “Possible” project, where our scientists are also part of the consortium, an innovative and user-friendly data and service ecosystem is being created. It is intended to enable citizens to easily access data spaces from different areas of life and at the same time empower them to deal with their data in a sovereign and self-determined manner. The project will be tested through samples with employees of administrative organizations, small and medium-sized enterprises, and educational institutions. This allows everyone to access information associated with their digital identity in order to exchange data in a secure and controlled manner.

“Possible” follows up on the “Phoenix” project, in which various project partners are jointly developing an open-source alternative to office solutions for the public sector. “Phoenix” integrates tools for communication via video, chat and e-mail, file sharing, collaborative editing of documents and uniform user management in a web workplace.

Possible funded as one of eleven lighthouse projects

As part of the Gaia-X funding competition, the Federal Network Agency is supporting the project “Possible: Phoenix open software stack for interoperable engagement in dataspaces” for a period of three years. As one of eleven selected undertakings, this project is intended as a lighthouse project to illustrate the technological and economic benefits of Gaia-X and to provide impetus for the European data cloud with application examples and research results.

The “Possible” project is being implemented by a consortium that includes Fraunhofer FOKUS, Dataport, Bechtle, Univention, IONOS, and companies from Scheer Holding.