Innovation management  in telecommunication systems

In the recent years several ideas were successfully realized:

Online Community Life is a community-centered blogging portal that combines the ideas of weblogs and social networking platforms.

Cron is a mobile multiplayer team game taking place in the real world. The goal of this game is to draw a given symbol on a map of the real world game area by marking designated geographical locations, which, connected by straight lines, form the desired symbol. The first team to complete the symbol wins the game. Players can access the game state as well as game functions using their PDA. The story of the game is presented to the players by audio, video, and text messages at different locations and thus unfolds as the players discover the game area.

Ad-hoc Car Sharing is a location-based application for mobile devices that acts as a broker for car sharings. With the help of their mobile phones and their current position, users get the ability to search for carpools spontaneously while being on-the-go. User profiles, that are created and maintained by the community, make it possible to rate and to control the reliability of drivers and passengers.

The “MeCenter” is a personalizable mobile communications desktop for the Asus Eee PC. The application adapts to the current situation of the user and integrates different location based services, for example geotagged messages or a service for location based leisure time recommendations.