In DOCAMPUS practically every continuing medical educational event available is stored. This adds up to around 30,000 events. With the help of a new Web Crawling technology developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS in the MashWeb project (Data Extraction and Integration Platform), information on continuing medical educational events dispersed throughout the Internet is sought, found and saved.

As depicted in the figure above, for the DOCAMPUS platform, the data is intelligently processed and then indexed with keywords derived from a medical Thesaurus. The processed data is then made available to doctors at the DOCAMPUS platform. In a customized Content Management System on an open source basis, relevant information such as studies, interviews, medical products and new medical treatments can be accessed using the DOCAMPUS platform.

Additionally a Recommender system developed by Fraunhofer FOKUS is used to match this content to the entered search term and the accordingly selected continuing medical education event. Thus the users are served with customized information complementing their search and medical specialization.