Services for All


Different factors have been contributing to the well known (and ever growing) success of the Internet. It is quite easy to write own “pages“ as many easy-to-use editing graphical tools exist today. Even more easy is the deployment of these pages on the global “World Wide Web“ as many alternatives are offered to you, ranging from uploading them to an ISP to the home made hosting using open source tools as Apache. The WWW at the same time plays more and more the role of a front end to business specific processes – a.k.a. E-services – as it is quite easy to connect to an ISP and go to a dedicated web page giving access to train reservation, energy consumption, etc... Such services are also invokable by other business processes using the “web-service“ paradigm.
The overall S4All project aims at supporting the same success story with mobile services as the ultimate mean to ease inter-person communication, to facilitate the everyday life and to create, share and access services, content with the whole community. Indeed, one way to boost the service market in Europe consists of:

  • providing Open Source based application supporting infrastructure that can be used by all on the PC at home, on the mobile phone on the move or at the big actor side (Telco, ISP, manufacturers);
  • pushing the creation power to any one’s hand providing then any one with either new business opportunity or the capability to share services with the community and to extend his/her communication sphere;
  • decreasing time to market for professional actors (service providers, industries) by providing easy-to-use creation tools and development environment and fast service deployment.

The goal of the S4ALL project that can be simply summarized as follows:
A world of user-centric services that are easy to create, share and use.

S4ALL-DE concentrates on some aspects of this overall vision and especially addresses concepts and prototypes for an easy way to generate new services in a comfortable way specially designed for professional service developers and providers. The addressed users in S4All-DE shall be able to use all underlying, existing technologies in a sameless way and based on them shall be able to create and compose new services on the fly.


  • Multiple components deliver state information (state services) to the S4ALL Platform
  • Execution of rules defined by the service developer (rule services)
  • Rules trigger actions on components (action services), e.g. start music in your home, on mobile device, trigger IMS services
  • State can be published to public services like Flickr or Google Earth, so that you can share this status (context information) with friends and partners