Präsidialprojekt I & II

In contrast to the current phase of the Präsidialprojekt (Presidential project), the first two waves of the initiative were concentrated on the theoretical milestone of the concept - the cooperating Fraunhofer institutes from across Germany were developing tools for validation and adjustment of the prototype concepts.

Präsidialprojekt III

Main objective in Präsidialprojekt III is the support of all Fraunhofer institutes involved in the project in their teamwork as well as the development of sustainable use cases and solutions that can be commercialized in future industrial projects. As result of that diverse workshops and tutorials will be organized within the Fraunhofer institute network in order to provide support in the process of applying the developed methods and instruments from both former President projects.

What is our involvement?

The FOKUS Competence Center Future Applications and Media (FAME) develops InnoTube - an online platform based on the Fraunhofer Science-To-Business Portal used to disseminate Fraunhofer technologies. The tools allows expansion of the client relations between the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, industry and research partners whilst interactive, non-linear video technologies. Additionally, the solutions developed by FAME ensure the direct linking of research demand and supply. Aim of InnoTube is an attractive way of presenting and marketing technologies and research results from all Fraunhofer institutes.

Non-linear, interactive video

Non-linear video is a technology developed by the Fraunhofer Institute FOKUS which makes video content an interactive experience. Non-linear video gives the viewer the opportunity to interact with objects that are part of the video and access supplemental information. On demand, multimedia content is linked with related information. Interactive, time independent navigation opens new ways to experience video content.

  • NLV technology enables interactive, clickable video experience for Rich Media and IPTV systems
  • Objects within the video became interactive and clickable
  • Value-added information is attached to each object
  • The solution creates a higher personal involvement and a remarkable customer experience
  • InnoTube Technology (based on Fraunhofer Science-To-Business Portal) Contents:
  • descriptive, interactive, multi-media content
  • accessible from smartphones (iPhone), laptop and desktop (Silverlight) as well as TV (IPTV and CE-HTML)
  • professionally produced content is linked to the output (such as white papers, leaflets, flyers and videos) coming from Fraunhofer institutes

Access and communication:

  • Diverse client types - from free to premium
  • direct communication between industry and researchers whilst Future Web and Social Media technologies