The ICE-CREAM project investigates how to make compelling experiences for end-users based on enabling technologies for interactive media, such as DVB-MHP, Internet and MPEG-4. The goals of the ICE-CREAM project are to extend the notion of interaction, to exploit domestic activities and familiar settings, and to make the user environment part of the visual experience.

The ICE-CREAM project develops applications in which live events (for example a soccer match) are enhanced on consumer demand with content that is created in real-time, broadcast streams are enhanced with content available from the Internet, and objects in the home are part of the presentation.
The application prototypes show different levels of interactivity for end-users. Business modelling frameworks are developed to specify the interchangeable roles of stakeholders (i.e., creator, producer, and consumer) to the service.
The ICE-CREAM platform consists of a MHP system that is extended with network services, MPEG-4 audio/video streaming and 3D graphics support.

Key issues

  • To investigate the relationships between consumer desires and needs, the appealing nature of interactive TV programmes and the development of a suitable and attractive business framework.
  • To design and integrate the software architecture for the interaction between the user interface and the object and scene descriptions.
  • To develop a number of iTV applications for demonstration and evaluation purposes
  • To integrate a demonstrator platform to run the interactive applications, evaluate it with users and experiment with new business models.
  • To provide a set of tools for the production of iTV applications

FOKUS Contribution

Interactive travel application as showcase for the potentials of the integration of broadcast, broadband and mobile environments

Production toolset which enables service providers to produce these kind of applications without programming effort


Philips Reasearch
Imperial College
Bitmanagement Software GmbH
Symah Vision
Tomorrow Focus AG
De Pinxi