Stefan Pham

Scientist and Project Manager R&D at the Business Unit FAME

Working areas:

  • Internet-delivered media
  • TV Apps (SmartTV, HbbTV)
  • Cross-platform Web Apps

Stefan Pham studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Berlin (TUB). He received his diploma degree (Dipl-Inf.) with the completion of his thesis “Design and Implementation of a Test and Assessment Suite for CE-HTML” at Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS) in 2011. Currently, he is employed as Project Manager at the Business Unit Future Applications and Media (FAME) and specializes in the R&D of topics dealing with Internet-delivered media, TV and cross-platform Web apps. He has been involved and managed various industry as well as publicly funded projects. Stefan Pham has published numerous papers and articles in international conferences and workshops.


Document Type
2022 Take the Red Pill for H3 and See How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes
Begen, Ali C.; Nguyen, Minh; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel; Timmerer, Christian
2022 Latest advances in the development of the open-source player dash.js
Arbanowski, Stefan; Harrer, Björn; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel; Steglich, Stephan
2021 Standards-Based Streaming Analytics and its Visualization
An, Truong-Sinh; Arbanowski, Stefan; Avelino, Mariana; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel
2021 Road to Salvation: Streaming Clients and Content Delivery Networks Working Together
Begen, Ali C.; Bentaleb, Abdelhak; Law, Will; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel; Zimmermann, Roger
2021 Quality of Service / Quality of Experience
Arbanowski, Stefan; Kaia, Nimesh; Kaiser, Stefan; Lietsch, Stefan; Pham, Stefan; Pogrzeba, Peter; Raake, Alexander
2021 5G-VICTORI: Optimizing Media Streaming in Mobile Environments Using mmWave, NBMP and 5G Edge Computing
Bassbouss, Louay; Chen, Anita; Emmelmann, Marc; Fadhel, Medhi Ben; Glaser, Sven; Grass, Eckhard; Gutiérrez, Jesus; Maletic, Jesús; Pham, Stefan; Schinkel, Stefan; Schlehuber, Christian; Steglich, Stephan; Troudt, Eric; Wilson, Annette
2020 Improving media streaming services for train passengers with 5G
Neudel, Ralf; Pham, Stefan; Troudt, Eric; Ziegler, Christoph
2020 Evaluation of Shared Resource Allocation Using SAND for ABR Streaming
Arbanowski, S.; Heeren, P.; Pham, S.; Schmidt, C.; Silhavy, D.
2020 Low Latency Streaming and Multi DRM with Dash.Js
Arbanowski, Stefan; Chen, Anita; Lasak, Martin; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel
2019 Evaluation of shared resource allocation using SAND for ABR streaming
Arbanowski, Stefan; Heeren, Patrick; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel
2018 Streaming and playback of 16k 360° videos on the web
Bassbouss, Louay; Pham, Stefan; Steglich, Stephan
2018 360-degree video streaming with MPEG-DASH
Hannuksela, M.M.; Oh, S.; Pham, S.; Podborski, D.; Stockhammer, T.; Thomas, E.
2018 360° video storytelling and virtual reality workshop
Bassbouss, Louay; Díaz-Kommonen, Lily; Lee, Ji-Hye; Mancianti, Andrea; Pham, Stefan; Vosmeer, Mirjam
2018 On the current state of interoperable content protection for internet video streaming
Arbanowski, Stefan; Kuipou, Franck Russel; Pham, Stefan; Steglich, Stephan
2017 A standards-based OTT DRM ecosystem with CMAF, CENC and CPIX
Arbanowski, Stefan; Kuipou, Franck Russel; Pham, Stefan
2017 Performance considerations of HTML5-based dynamic packaging for media streaming
Arbanowski, S.; Pham, S.; Silhavy, D.
2016 Personalized dynamic ad insertion with MPEG DASH
Arbanowski, Stefan; Krauss, Christopher; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel
2016 Cross-platform ad-insertion using HbbTV and MPEG-DASH
Arbanowski, Stefan; Pham, Stefan; Seeliger, Robert; Silhavy, Daniel
2016 Implementing dynamic ad insertion in HTML5 using MPEG dash
Hughes, Kilroy; Lohmar, Thorsten; Pham, Stefan
2015 An Open Source Content Decryption Module to improve DRM integration with HTML5 platforms
Arbanowski, S.; Kaiser, S.; Pham, S.
2015 Towards Security of Native DRM Execution in HTML5
Livshits, D.; Mikityuk, A.; Pham, S.; Shabtai, A.
2015 Content protection in HTML5 TV platforms: Towards browser-agnostic DRM and cloud UI environments
Arbanowski, Stefan; Friedrich, Oliver; Kaiser, Stefan; Mikityuk, Alexandra; Pham, Stefan
2014 A web-based media synchronization framework for MPEG-DASH
Jung, Volker; Kaiser, Stefan; Pham, Stefan
2014 Challenges for enabling targeted multi-screen advertisement for interactive TV services
Arbanowski, Stefan; Bassbouss, Louay; Kaiser, Stefan; Krauss, Christopher; Pham, Stefan; Steglich, Stephan
2014 DRM-interoperable MPEG-dash end-to-end architecture
Kaiser, Stefan; Pham, Stefan
2013 MPEG-DASH enabling adaptive streaming with personalized commercial breaks and second screen scenarios
Arbanowski, Stefan; Kaiser, Stefan; Pham, Stefan
2013 Internet-delivered television using MPEG-DASH. Opportunities and challenges
Arbanowski, Stefan; George, Lars; Kaiser, Stefan; Krauss, Christopher; Pham, Stefan
2012 HTTP adaptive streaming: MPEG-DASH proxy for legacy HTML5 clients
Arbanowski, Stefan; Kaiser, Stefan; Pham, Stefan
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