Martin Lasak

Scientist and project manager R & D at the Business Unit FAME

Working Areas:

  • Future Web Applications
  • Secure Mashups
  • Cross-Platform Technologies

Curriculum Vitae

Martin Lasak studied computer engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin. He graduated with the completion of his thesis on Privacy and Integrity Preservation in Client-Side Web Mashups in the field of Open Communication Systems (OKS) in 2011. Employed as research associate at the Business Unit Future Applications and Media (FAME) of Fraunhofer FOKUS, Martin mainly focuses his research activities on multi-device architectures and Web security. He has been involved in national and international industry and research projects covering cross-platform computing and distributed applications.


Fraunhofer publication list
Arbanowski, Stefan; Seeliger, Robert; Krauß, Christopher; Lasak, Martin:
Ansätze für eine Nutzungserfassung von Video-Streaming-Angeboten: Gutachten im Auftrag der Kommission zur Ermittlung der Konzentration im Medienbereich (KEK)
Berlin: Fraunhofer FOKUS, 2021
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High quality 360° video rendering and streaming: Paper presented at the 9th NEM Summit 2016, 23-25 November 2016, Porto
(NEM Summit <9, 2016, Porto>)
Chmielewski, Jacek; Lasak, Martin:
Key requirements and new architecture for context-aware web-based device-independent multi-device applications
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Lasak, M.; Paul, A.:
Enabling cross-device media experience
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