Contact Person
Christian Fuhrhop
Dipl.-Inform. Christian Fuhrhop
Project Manager 
Business Unit FAME
Tel.: +49 30 3463-7361

Christian Fuhrhop

Scientist and project manager R & D at the Business Unit FAME

Working Areas

  • Interactive Content
  • Content Guides and Metadata Management
  • Streaming and Service Control
  • Privacy Aware Networking
  • Interactive TV application
  • IPTV and Rich Media Platforms
  • Standardized Interfaces for Service Interaction in IPTV environments


Zwicklbauer, Miggi; Fuhrhop, Christian:
Multi-Platform application toolkit demonstration : ACM TVX 2016, 22.-24. Juni 2016, Chicago.

Zwicklbauer, Miggi; Broadbent, Matthew; Dufourd, Jean-Claude; Fuhrhop, Christian; Miccoli, Stefano; Schiller, Fabian; Tuominen, Ville:
Multi-Platform application toolkit.
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TVX '16 : proceedings of the ACM International conference on interactive experiences for television and online video (TVX 2016) : June 22-24, 2016, Chicago, USA. Online resource.
2016, 135-140

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From the streets to the internet.
In: ATZ-Elektronik worldwide 8 (2013), 1, 4-9

Steglich, Stephan; Fuhrhop, Christian:
Von der Strasse ins Internet.
In: ATZ-Elektronik 8 (2013), 01, 8-15

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The webinos Project.
In: WWW '12 Companion: Proceedings of the 21st international conference companion on World Wide Web.
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Fuhrhop, Christian:
Position Paper - Point of view - Parental guidance handling.
In: World Wide Web Consortium:
Proceedings of the third W3C web and TV Workshop, Hollywood, 19-20 September 2011. Online resource.
2011, 1-3

Fuhrhop, Christian:
Position Paper - Fraunhofer FOKUS Interest in W3C Web on TV Workshop.
In: World Wide Web Consortium u.a.:
Proceedings of the second W3C Web and TV Workshop, Berlin, 8-9 February 2011 : Standardisation Workshop report 2. Online Resource.
2011, 1-2

Furtado, E.; Mayora, O.; Fuhrhop, C.:
Assessments and Consensus on users needs of Cross-Cultural Stakeholders: expectations on being part of a Digital TV project!
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From Coach Potatoes to TV Prosumers: Community-Oriented Content Creation for IDTV.
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SAMBA project experiences.
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Fuhrhop, C.; Vaidya, R.; European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics / Working Group Data and Information Spaces:
Handling of non-standard metadata across archives in the ethnoArc project : 27 May 2009.

Fuhrhop, C.:
Interoperabilitätssicherung der Zugangssicherung für IPTV : Präsentation der Studie bei der Telekom Bonn und Darmstadt.

Fuhrhop, C.; Seeliger, R.; Friedrich, O.:
Interoperabilitätssicherung der Zugangssicherung für IPTV : Studie im Auftrag der Deutschen Telekom.
Berlin : Fraunhofer FOKUS, 2009

Fuhrhop, C.; Vaidya, R.:
Technical challenges providing tools for the ethnoArc project.
In: Journal of Ethnography and Folklore 2009 (2009), 1-2, 11-20

Fuhrhop, Ch.; Vaidya, R.:
D.5.1.1 Content Management System (CMS) module.doc : Deliverable.

Fuhrhop, Ch.; Vaidya, R.:
D.5.1.2 Data Presentation and Functional Templates : Deliverable.

Fuhrhop, Ch.; Vaidya, R.:
D12 Final implementation report : Deliverable.

Fuhrhop, C.; Gran, C.:
The convergence dilemma application development in the rift between the TV and PC domains.
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Wireless consumer devices and services : first time in Europe : IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics 2002 (ISCE).
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Authoring for european digital teletext.
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Object Carousel Simulator for Broadcast Applications.
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Anwendungsentwicklungen für das digitale Fernsehen.
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Authoring of teletext applications for digital television broadcast.
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Fuhrhop, Christian; Hofrichter, Klaus; Kraft, Andreas; Scheller, Angela:
EU - IMMP, Evaluation of Forthcoming Technologies for Digital Television broadcasting : 30. Juni 1999.
Berlin : GMD, 1999

Fuhrhop, Christian; Kraft, Andreas; Scheller, Angela:
EU - IMMP, Suitable IMMP applications in digital television broadcasting environment : 31 May 1999.
Berlin : GMD, 1999