Axel Rennoch is Senior Scientist and Project Manager at the German Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems in Berlin.

Education & Career

Axel Rennoch is computer scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems in Berlin. As a member of the System Quality Center he is involved / responsible for validation and testing projects on next generation networks and software technologies. He has project experiences with the development and validation of industrial test solutions using TTCN in the telecom and automotive area e.g. for ATM, B-ISDN, PNNI, VoIP/Sigtran, CCM, MOST, SIP+SDP, IMS, DIAMETER, SIP/ISUP interoperability, SIP/ISDN interworking and oneM2M.

Axel Rennoch studied mathematics and biology at the Free University of Berlin. He has been working in the field of Formal Methods, Testing Methodologies and Quality of Service considerations in various scientific and industrial projects since 1985. His experiences address the application of Formal Description Techniques (e.g. LOTOS, SDL), the development and execution of telecommunication protocol tests (using e.g. ADL/TDD, TTCN-2, TTCN-3), and software testing of CORBA systems, as well as project management and reporting. During this work he contributed to several national and international standardization groups (e.g. DIN, ISO, ATM-Forum, OMG, ETSI, oneM2M) and published research papers continuously. He is a member of FOKUS since its founding in 1987.

Speciality: TTCN-3 tutorials and trainings, SIP/IMS testing, CommonCriteria certification.

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Reseach Projects

  • H2020 IoTAC (2020 - 2023): Security By Design IoT Development and Certificate Framework with Front-end Access Control
  • BMWi IoT-T (2016 - 2019): Testlab and Testware for the Internet of Things
  • EU FP7 CloudForEurope (2013 - 2017): Public sector requirements and usage scenarios for cloud computing
  • ITEA2 DIAMONDS (2010 - 2013): Development and Industrial Application of Multi-Domain Security Testing Technologies
  • ITEA2 D-MINT (2007 - 2009): Deployment of Model-Based Technologies to Industrial Testing
  • ITEA TT-Medal (2003 - 2005): Test & testing methodologies with advanced languages
  • IST COACH (2002 - 2004): Component based open source architecture for distributed telecom applications
  • IST CORVAL2 (2000 - 2001): CORBA Validation
  • RACE TOPIC (1992 - 1994): A Toolset for Protocol and Advanced Service Verification in IBC Environments, using formal methods and tools
  • RACE ITACA (1988 - 1991): IBCN Testing Architecture for Conformance Assessment
  • ESPRIT SEDOS (1984 - 1987): Software Environment for the Design of Open Distributed Systems


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