Federation for fire plus

Jan. 01, 2017 to Sep. 01, 2021

Fed4FIRE+ is an Integrating Project under the European Union’s Programme Horizon 2020, addressing the work programme topic Future Internet Research and Experimentation. It started in January 2017 and will run for 60 months, until the end of September 2021. The Fed4FIRE+ project is the successor of the Fed4FIRE project.


The Fed4FIRE+ project has the objective to run and further improve Fed4FIRE’s “best‐intown” federation of experimentation facilities for the Future Internet Research and

Experimentation initiative. To achieve this, the project has defined a set of sub‐objectives:

  • To further exploit, enlarge and build a federated set of facilities upon the foundations laid out by the FP7 project Fed4FIRE;
  • To aim for an open federation to the whole FIRE community and beyond, for experimentation by industry and research organisations, through the organization of Open Calls and Open Access mechanisms;
  • To continuously upgrade and improve the facilities and include technical innovations, focused towards increased user satisfaction (user‐friendly tools, privacy‐oriented data management, testbed SLA and reputation, experiment reproducibility, service‐level experiment orchestration, federation ontologies, etc.)
  • To create an open market‐place for customers of testing services by brokering across federated testbed resources.

Project time schedule and opportunities for experiments:

The project, started in January 2017 and running over 5 years, is split in two phases:

  • The development activities will take place in the first three project years – until 2019.
  • The last year the project will run in “sustainability mode”. This means that theFed4FIRE+ experimentation facilities will still be available for experimenters, to use the facilities for free but without funding for the experimenters from the Fed4FIRE+ project (which is the case in Open Calls for experimenters).

Until now, the Fed4FIRE+ project organised one Open Call for Experiments and new Testbeds/Facilities as well as two specific Open Calls for SME Experimenters. Additional calls for SME Experimenters are in consideration (to be confirmed).

The facilities will be open for experimenters, beyond participation in the Fed4FIRE+ Open Calls for Experiments, until the end of the project. Interested parties to perform experiments on the Fed4FIRE+ facilities can contact the project at any time to explore opportunities to perform the experiments.