Linked Production Workshops 2015
Linked Production Workshops 2015 transfer media

Invitation to the event series “Linked Production Workshops 2015” by transfer media: “Find what you are looking for – Recommendation Engines for a better distribution.”

News from Apr. 10, 2015

Project manager and scientist Christopher Krauß from our competence center Future Applications and Media – FAME holds a workshop on: how recommendation engines are able to optimize the distribution of media content.

Connected workflows, metadata, new technologies and standards rule the production, archivation and distribution of audiovisual media. Furthermore, changing user patterns propel the AV-value-added chain. Just the ones beware competetiveness who deepen their know-how, use interconnected and collaborative technologies and study further the handling of big data. The Linked Production Workshops 2015 by transfer media are practical, take on to the field discourse and develop themes together with the participants.

Within this workshop series Christopher Krauß from the competence center FAME reports on the role of recommondation engines for distribution. In this context, technologies and results of latest research projects were presented. Among other things there is the Software Campus Project “Semantische Analysen zur Verbesserung vorhersagender Data-Mining-Algorithmen” funded by BMBF and the European research projects “FI-Content”, “COMPOSE” und User Centric Networking. The algorithms of these systems are able to give advice for the distribution of audiovisual contents over digital application canals. The workshop handels with the question how algorithms, social networks and real consumers situations can be interlinked for achieving the precise addressing of content and promotional contents. At the same time there is the question: how much algorithm is still sanely? And can algorithms replace editors?

In this workshop the industry fields distribution, rental and production gather important information about recommendation engines that matter for content-distribution, production and subsequently in the archive.

When: Thursday, April 30th  2015, 10:00-18:00

Venue: Fraunhofer FOKUS, Kaiserin-Augusta-Allee 31, 10589 Berlin