Daniel Silhavy

Scientist and Project Manager R&D at the Business Unit FAME

Working areas:

  • IPTV
  • Adaptive Media Streaming
  • HbbTV

Daniel Silhavy is a scientist and project manager at the business unit Future Applications and Media (FAME) of the Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS). He received his Master’s degree with the completion of his thesis “Ad Insertion in MPEG-DASH” at Fraunhofer Institute for Open Communication Systems (FOKUS) in 201. Daniel is the lead developer of the dash.js project and the development coordinator for the 5G-MAG Reference Tools.

His main area of expertise includes adaptive bitrate (ABR) streaming focusing on MPEG-DASH, Digital Rights Management (DRM), 5G media streaming and video-encoding. Daniel is actively contributing to standardization work done in DASH-IF and CTA-WAVE. Moreover, Daniel is giving lectures at the Technical University of Berlin and is supervising Bachelor and Master theses.  As part of his work in dash.js and the 5G-MAG Reference Tools, Daniel has developed in-depth knowledge in the field of media streaming and related specifications (ISO,3GPP,DVB,DASH-IF) and technologies, C++ programming, as well as web-based technologies and APIs such as HTML, JavaScript, node.js,  MSE and EME.

Daniel has published various technical papers covering topics around ABR media delivery and streaming analytics.


Document Type
2022 Marrying WebRTC and DASH for Interactive Streaming
Bassbouss, Louay; Begen, Ali C.; Kenyon, Julia; Silhavy, Daniel; Stockhammer, Thomas; Tov, Ofer Shem
2022 Take the Red Pill for H3 and See How Deep the Rabbit Hole Goes
Begen, Ali C.; Nguyen, Minh; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel; Timmerer, Christian
2022 Latest advances in the development of the open-source player dash.js
Arbanowski, Stefan; Harrer, Björn; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel; Steglich, Stephan
2021 Standards-Based Streaming Analytics and its Visualization
An, Truong-Sinh; Arbanowski, Stefan; Avelino, Mariana; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel
2021 Road to Salvation: Streaming Clients and Content Delivery Networks Working Together
Begen, Ali C.; Bentaleb, Abdelhak; Law, Will; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel; Zimmermann, Roger
2020 Low Latency DASH - more than just spec: DASH-IF test tools
Einarsson, Torbjörn; Silhavy, Daniel; Stockhammer, Thomas; Özturk, Ece
2020 Evaluation of Shared Resource Allocation Using SAND for ABR Streaming
Arbanowski, S.; Heeren, P.; Pham, S.; Schmidt, C.; Silhavy, D.
2020 Low Latency Streaming and Multi DRM with Dash.Js
Arbanowski, Stefan; Chen, Anita; Lasak, Martin; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel
2019 Evaluation of shared resource allocation using SAND for ABR streaming
Arbanowski, Stefan; Heeren, Patrick; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel
2017 Dynamic ad-insertion and content orchestration workflows through manifest manipulation in HLS and MPEG-DASH
Arbanowski, Stefan; Seeliger, Robert; Silhavy, Daniel
2017 Performance considerations of HTML5-based dynamic packaging for media streaming
Arbanowski, S.; Pham, S.; Silhavy, D.
2016 Personalized dynamic ad insertion with MPEG DASH
Arbanowski, Stefan; Krauss, Christopher; Pham, Stefan; Silhavy, Daniel
2016 Cross-platform ad-insertion using HbbTV and MPEG-DASH
Arbanowski, Stefan; Pham, Stefan; Seeliger, Robert; Silhavy, Daniel
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