FleMMingo Projekt

Flexible Wireless Machine to Machine Communication in Industrial Environments

Feb. 01, 2015 to Aug. 31, 2017

As a MAVO, the project is dedicated to provide innovations that will be rapidly and continuously offered to industrial stakeholders, which includes the set-up of tests and demonstrations towards potential customers in real or close-to-real shop floor settings.

Five Fraunhofer Institutes, namely the ESK, FOKUS, HHI, IPA and IIS will jointly address the application of wireless communication technologies in industrial environments, including production scenarios in scope for the Arena2036 and Industrie 4.0 initiatives. The five Institutes jointly represent a long-standing expertise and visibility in the fields of industrial applications, machine-to-machine communications, internet technologies, wireless communications, core network technologies and scalable test-bed set-up and operations, forming an alliance highly capable to address the most demanding challenges.
Fraunhofer FOKUS contribution is centered around improving state-of-the-art 4G and upcoming 5G wireless access and related core network technologies to match the requirements of industrial applications in terms of reliability, robustness, flexibility, bandwidth and latency, ideally being able to augment or substitute current wireline control systems communications (e.g state-of-the-art field bus configurations) with wireless solutions providing competitive resilience.