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Dr. Louay Bassbouss at the 10th HbbTV Symposium 2022 Tomas Martinek

DVB-I and Metaverse: 10th HbbTV Symposium 2022

News from Dec. 09, 2022

The 10th HbbTV Symposium took place on November 9 - 10 in Prague. FOKUS expert Louay Bassbous of the business unit Future Applications and Media participated in the annual key summit of the connected TV-industry, presenting the topics “Integrating DVB-I with HbbTV” and “Metaverse and the TV”. Both presentations are available to view and download.

Key topics discussed at the conference include the involvement of HbbTV in the new DVB-I standard, which combines linear TV channels and streaming services in a unified channel list, the important topic of conformance regimes and interoperability, which ensure that reception devices fully comply with the HbbTV specifications, and technology trends such as the opportunities for broadcasters in the metaverse and HbbTV beyond classic broadcast environments.

HbbTV services greatly enrich broadcast TV with interactive services over broadband. The DVB-I standard offers a way to signal AIT/HbbTV Applications, and defines a mechanism to discover Service Lists and retrieve EPG over the internet, for any service coming either through broadband (based on DVB-DASH) or broadcast networks. Fraunhofer FOKUS is focused on integrating DVB-I with HbbTV and takes part in the German DVB-I Pilot Project.

Another key topic of the conference was the question of how the Metaverse is going to affect the way we consume media. Watching TV, in particular, is expected to evolve from a typical passive and lean-back experience to a more engaged, interactive, and social experience. Virtual concerts, TV shows, and more are already being streamed within the Metaverse using Augmented and Virtual Reality. FOKUS offers a testbed for researching and evaluating Metaverse Experiences.

The annual key summit is co-hosted by the HbbTV Association and the Czech Association of Commercial Television (AKTV), and took place in Prague on November 9-10. The event was attended by around 200 participants from 18 countries in Europe, the US, and Latin America.

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