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Work on CTA WAVE Streaming Media Test Suite honoured

News from Oct. 10, 2023

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has honoured FOKUS researchers with the CTA Technology Achievement Award for their outstanding contributions to the CTA WAVE Streaming Media Test Suite.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) is a trade association for electronic consumer goods in the USA and organiser of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which takes place annually in Las Vegas. FOKUS scientists Louay Bassbouss, Daniel Silhavy and Fritz Heiden received the award this year for their work and dedication to the CTA WAVE Media Test Suite. Recipients of the CTA Technology Achievement Award have demonstrated leadership and made a significant contribution to a current project or other involvement to advance the state of the art in consumer technology.

The CTA WAVE project targets manufacturers of devices such as laptops, mobile phones, set-top-boxes, and smart TVs. The CTA WAVE Media Test Suite developed in the project enables the verification of device behaviour against hardware capability requirements identified within the Device Playback Capabilities Task Force.